Celebrity Illy Da King and Meagan Good Caught Kissing

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Illy Da King and Meagan Good was seen kissing outside of a hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Los Angeles tabloid, the celebrity music artist Illy Da King a.k.a Willie Sims— the owner of two major websites— was seen at dinner with Meagan Good while on tour with Drake, Meek Millz, Nicki Minaj, and Waka Flocka.

Illy Da King is the famous music star that have produce/written for artist such as Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Drake, Lady Gaga, Avant, Big Sean, and Trey SongsWaka Flocka mom Debs Antney who manage Nicki Minaj wants to manage Illy Da King saying the music star will eventually be the best rapper/singer in the game.

Illy Da King told reporter’s that his relationship with Meagan Good is only a friendship and she helps him with acting lesson. That could be true considering directors have been trying to get him in upcoming films but what raise a red flag is they were kissing outside of a hotel.

Acting lessons I guess kissing in the parking lot and her blushing on camera when ask about the sexual relationship is all apart of acting lessons.

“We caught up with Meagan Good outside and she denied the allegations but her ex boyfriend made a statement saying he heard a conversation on the phone of them talking about how good the sex was the other night. He claims it lead into a heated argument which eventually lead into a break-up.

 According to Los Angeles Times photo’s were released of them kissing but snatched off immediately by their public relations team. The two celebrities are being under the radar and now are very cautious on where they go out. Eventually if this relationship continues they will be caught again.